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The Scourge of Shakism

The dreaded day has finally arrived, 15 of your colleagues gather around the meeting table, you stand before them and all words vanish. It should be a normal meeting, I mean come on, you normally [...]

Little Pedro comes good

A long time ago, in a large anthill there lived a small ant named Pedro. Among his fellow ants, he was seen as the smallest, runt of the colony. Pedro was not only smaller than [...]

Three Great Story Openings

Like it or hate it, Forest Gump captured attention as it began with Tom Hanks sitting on a bench at a bus stop. Just like many other great movies, they decided to start at the [...]

Just change the story

The most successful club in the English Premier League, boasting the largest (club owned) stadium in the country. A club that had demonstrated itself to be leading both in the country as well as competing [...]

Telling YOUR story

I don’t have a story to tell. How do I put together a story when I am not a Steven Spielberg? There is nothing about me that is interesting enough to build a story on. [...]

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