Once upon a time there was a boy named Pierre who was born and grew up in Miami. Being the only child of the parents, they gave him all the attention he desired and even more.

When he was seven years old, his parents died in a terrible accident and all of a sudden, Pierre was left alone in the world.

For Pierre, it seemed as if life had come to an end also for him. Who will care for me now? Who will take me shopping, who will buy me that red bike which mummy promised me for my birthday?

He ended up going to live with his grandparents. For him, the grandma was the one who was always spoiling him with sweets and hugs. So he went to live with them in the island of Martinique………….

Storytelling is a powerful means of communication. Humans have always used stories as a means of communication, passing down information across generations and building up values and morals. Stories trigger various emotions in us and this is the basis of its efficacy.

In whatever level you are, be it a starter or top level manager, you need to be able to share your stories in a way that gets your message across.

We have developed different training packages which are custom made to fit with the requirements of you as an individual or your entire team.